Actors interested in auditioning for our 2018 Main Stage (adult) productions of THE BOYS NEXT DOOR and/or JAKE'S WOMEN are asked to send an email to requesting an audition slot.  Please include your name and contact information, along with your preferred date to audition. Readings will consist of cold readings.  Head shots and resumes are not required, but are welcome.


THE BOYS NEXT DOOR by Tom Griffin, will audition on:

Sunday, October 8 at 6PM

Tuesday, October 10 at 7PM

Production Dates: January 12 - 21

Director: Ed Cornely

The Boys Next Door is a two act comedy-drama about four intellectually challenged men who live together in a small apartment -- and Jack, the caring social worker who is on the verge of career burn-out. The Boys Next Door takes place over the course of two months. The play offers scenes and vignettes to illustrate the daily lives of Jack and his four mentally challenged wards. Presented by special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service, Inc.

Principal Characters (please note, ages of male characters are flexible):

Jack (Lead): Male
Jack has not worked as their supervisor for very long - eight months at the play's beginning. It seems he has difficulty finding his own life's purpose. He sometimes eats lunch by himself at the side of the railroad tracks. He complains about bumping into his ex-wife. Even when he manages to find another job as a traveling agent, the audience is left to decide whether or not this will provide fulfillment.
Arnold Wiggins (Lead): Male
Arnold is the first character whom the audience meets. A mildly mentally challenged man who works at a movie theater, hyperactive and talks constantly, he is often abused by coworkers and is afraid to fight back, tends to be OCD.He is the most articulate of the group. More than the other roommates, he tries to function in the outside world, but sadly many people take advantage of him.
Norman Bulansky (Lead): Male
Norman is the romantic of the group. An overweight, middle-aged mentally challenged man who works at a doughnut shop, romantically involved with Sheila, a woman from another group home, very proud and possessive of his large ring of keys.
Lucien P. Smith (Lead): Male
The character with the severest case of mental challenge among the four men, Lucien is the most child-like of the group. His verbal capacity is limited, like that of a four-year old. Although he functions at about a second-grade level, he checks out books from the library, despite the fact he cannot read.
Barry Klemper (Supporting): Male
Barry is a young schizophrenic man who gets highly agitated over small things, has had a traumatic life growing up due to his abusive father and has been in and out of institutions. The most aggressive of the group, Barry spends most of his time boasting about being a Golf Pro (although he does not yet own a set of clubs).
Sheila (Supporting): Female
Sheila is a mentally challenged woman who is in love with Norman, and who desperately wants his large ring of keys.
Mr. Klemper (Supporting): Male
Barry's explosive, abusive, physically handicapped father.
Mrs. Fremus/Mrs. Warren/Clara (Supporting): Female
Mrs. Fremus, a widow who lives next door;
Mrs. Warren, a new neighbor;
Clara, Sheila's mentally disabled friend.
Mr. Hodges/Mr. Corbin/Senator Clark (Supporting): Male
Mr. Hodges, Barry's golf student whose patience only goes so far; Mr. Corbin, the movie theater manager;
Senator Clark, a dignified public servant.

JAKE'S WOMEN by Neil Simon, will audition on:

Tuesday, October 17 at 7PM

Thursday, October 19 at 7PM

Production dates: March 9 - 18

Director: Joshua Raymond

JAKE'S WOMEN is presented through a collaboration of BEAT Theater Company and Stageloft Repertory Theater.

Jake, a novelist who is more successful with fiction than with real life, faces a marital crisis by daydreaming about the women in his life. The wildly comic and sometimes moving flashbacks played in his mind are interrupted by visitations from actual females.  Jake’s women include a revered first wife who was killed years earlier in an accident, his daughter who is recalled as a child but is now a young woman, his boisterous and bossy sister, an opinionated analyst, his current wife who is leaving Jake for another man, and a prospective third wife. Presented by special arrangement with Samuel French, Inc.

Characters (please note, ages are flexible, however the actress cast as older Molly must be able to realistically portray the character's age of 21; the actress cast as young Molly needs to have a physical resemblance to older Molly and be a believable age 12 onstage):

Jake: Male, 40-60
Jake is a 53 year old writer in the grips of a midlife crisis who would rather observe his life than live it.  Though somehow a magnet for delightful women, he holds the world at arm’s length and is no good at intimacy.
Maggie: Female, 35-50
Maggie is Jake’s second (and current) wife.  She is a matter-of-fact, career-oriented woman who loves Jake deeply but cannot deal with his inability to communicate with her as a real person. She exists in “real time” as well as in Jake’s imagination.
Karen: Female, 40-50 
Jake’s sister. She is divorced and shares Jake’s wit and start attention to detail.  In Jake’s dialogues with her she is cynical, frustrated and very acerbic.
Young Molly: Female, 10-15
Jake’s daughter at 12 years old.  In his mind she is the perfect, loving, non-problematic kid.
Older Molly: Female, 17-25
Jake’s daughter at 21.  She is a college student who longs to know more about her mother.
Julie: Female, 20-35
Jake’s first wife.  She has died and therefore lives only in Jake’s memory.  He tries to idealize her, but as he loses control of his characters, she begins to interact with her daughter and refuses to be idealized.
Edith: Female, 40-70
Jake’s theraptist.  Jake “writes” sessions with her. In them she is both a voice of reason and very annoying.
Sheila: Female: 30-50
Jake’s girlfriend.  She is the only woman Jake does not create in his mind.  She loves Jake, but can’t cope with his indecision as the Maggie in his mind takes over his relationship with her.